Roxana Marx

We had some extra space in the ship, and Roxana was spotting us flying by from her bedroom window. We actually saw her waving to us, and showing us a big set of white teeth. We got it, you want to be abducted and that is what we will do. Once Roxana was (moaning) on the table, we scanned her body and came to the most original measurements. Her boobs are soft and trigger inside emotions when we put our hands on them. After she explained that the best has yet to be discovered, she spread her legs and asked us to finish what we started to beam her back.

Asking her what her secret is, she explained that everything is a play, no one is real and sex is an adventure that can be experienced by everyone. For the sake of keeping it a play, we showed her some new universal sex toys with remote-controlled frequencies that any alien can control. After she requested a permanent implant and requested to be buzzed every 2 minutes, we understood she is a creature that knows no satisfaction. However, cause of the many features in her performance skills, we decided to keep her over for a few more nights.

For further investigation and to shape your own opinion, we have stored her in our Sex Facility Center. You can fly to her room and see how she is acting in captivity. There is the opportunity to feed her. You can buy virtual snacks for her. And when you ask her nicely she is willing to perform human acts for you that trigger your sexual arousal.

Link to her room” class=”eafl-link”>-> Link to her room