Colette Russo

Delightful innocent but when you give her a few more seconds, you know she is the woman that loses it all when she is naked! I went into a naughty interaction with her, cause one way or the other, I did not want to ignore her. After a few moments, I kinda found out that she was way too nice, way too cool, and way too amazing. But yeah, we are both here for the same thing, so as soon she found out I was interested, she took lead, and that is something I need! When a woman takes control and gives you her best, then this is a moment of uniqueness that you can store in your memories as a perfect fuck, even when it is online and virtually, the emotions and feelings are in most cases even stronger, and harder and…. more intense! Colette is a super sweet person, deserves all your time, and makes you smile 100% guaranteed! This is an emotion you can not buy anywhere!