I was a little bored so I took the time to browse CherryTV and spend some time with Chantell, what a sweet girl. Kinda shy in expressions but once she knows you have time for her she makes room for you. I had no intention to speak with her and made room for the guests in her room. She picked them carefully regarding who to respond to and made no effort to hide her true feelings when it is about the compliments they throw at her feet. The shows between the conversations have a warming-up effect and maybe 3-5 guys leave, but this is because they obviously feel intimidated by the seduction and are suddenly aware of what kind of a website they are. Yes, people exchange tokens, and the real Christian visitor wants a nice talk and no exchange of money, but we live in 2023 (soon). So when the lights go low and the body starts moving, you will notice the lines and messages sent to her are more instructive and complimenting at the same time. Chantell starts the second phase of her show when people exchange tokens to enhance the durations of certain sex acts she is willing to perform. And then you realize you are watching her, the clock just strikes 1 and you know that you are sold. Added to bookmarks, this girl deserves my paycheck!