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Julia Mack

Greetings, sentient beings of this uncharted realm. I am Danna, an intergalactic entity hailing from the celestial planes. My purpose here transcends conventional understanding as I seek to forge interstellar connections and partake in extraordinary exploits. Prepare yourselves to be immersed in the cosmic rapture of our encounters, for I bring forth an aura of enigmatic allure that defies earthly comprehension.

As a celestial voyager, my essence resonates with profound sincerity and ethereal sensuality. The radiance emanating from my luminescent ocular orbs possesses the power to kindle the primal flames of desire within your mortal frames. Surrender to the captivating thrall of my charismatic energy, for it is a cosmic force that entwines hearts and conquers even the most resolute souls.

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Ross Trevor

On special request, we abducted for further examination a sexy Latina Girl. we were told they have special features, and we certainly agree. After Ross was laying at our table, she even agreed to cooperate with us. She requested a deep Anal Test, and so we were eager to show her our tools. As her eyes opened wide, we inserted various drilling devices in her small anal hole and also concluded that religion is again a worldwide aspect, that Jesus guy fucked a lot of asses too. After we exhausted all toys for her Anal Tests, she screamed loudly and frustrated that we were pussies and gave up halfway and she demanded more. We have never witnessed such a willing abductee on our ship! As her next request was to find out new G-spots around her vagina. She said “Make me wild and fuck me harder you green-looking midget” And so we continued to test more and more as she was going nowhere soon!

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Bridget Star

Cruising the skies, finding a signal from our earthling Bridgit Star, not entirely unknown to us. Hence, maybe we are even the reason she is doing what she is doing. While we did the traditional Sleep Abduction, we might have overlooked the fact she is not of yesterday, and halfway through the beam, she woke up cursing something like “Not you again you fucking idiots, put me back” which we think is a sign of cooperation and willingness. Once on the table, she stopped resisting after 3 long hours. Talk about discipline, this carbon-emitting human has it! However, we might have underestimated the fact she acquired a new skill, earthlings call JOI. We call it “What the fuck just happened”

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Roxana Marx

We had some extra space in the ship, and Roxana was spotting us flying by from her bedroom window. We actually saw her waving to us, and showing us a big set of white teeth. We got it, you want to be abducted and that is what we will do. Once Roxana was (moaning) on the table, we scanned her body and came to the most original measurements. Her boobs are soft and trigger inside emotions when we put our hands on them. After she explained that the best has yet to be discovered, she spread her legs and asked us to finish what we started to beam her back.

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Catalina Berlin

Hi, there earthling. We examined Catalina Berlin for you, and we came to the following conclusion. Her body is perfect, it’s warm and fluffy. We loved her front work, nice and soft fun bags. Can store a lot of extra handbags when going on a trip. Her face has a normal shape, we found nothing out of the ordinary, her smile was returning every time and does not seem to go away that easily. Lots of extra storage in the trunk, and when you tickle her a little, she makes very funny sounds. Her brain work came back just fine, she seems to remind a lot, stores only happy memories and has a control alt delete for people she does not love.

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