Catalina Berlin

Hi, there earthling. We examined Catalina Berlin for you, and we came to the following conclusion. Her body is perfect, it’s warm and fluffy. We loved her front work, nice and soft fun bags. Can store a lot of extra handbags when going on a trip. Her face has a normal shape, we found nothing out of the ordinary, her smile was returning every time and does not seem to go away that easily. Lots of extra storage in the trunk, and when you tickle her a little, she makes very funny sounds. Her brain work came back just fine, she seems to remind a lot, stores only happy memories and has a control alt delete for people she does not love.

For further investigation and to shape your own opinion, we have stored her in our Sex Facility Center. You can fly to her room and see how she is acting in captivity. There is the opportunity to feed her. You can buy virtual snacks for her. And when you ask her nicely she is willing to perform human acts for you that trigger your sexual arousal.

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