Bridget Star

Cruising the skies, finding a signal from our earthling Bridgit Star, not entirely unknown to us. Hence, maybe we are even the reason she is doing what she is doing. While we did the traditional Sleep Abduction, we might have overlooked the fact she is not of yesterday, and halfway through the beam, she woke up cursing something like “Not you again you fucking idiots, put me back” which we think is a sign of cooperation and willingness. Once on the table, she stopped resisting after 3 long hours. Talk about discipline, this carbon-emitting human has it! However, we might have underestimated the fact she acquired a new skill, earthlings call JOI. We call it “What the fuck just happened”

As soon we returned her voice capacity to normal human levels, she started to speak and since then we are not able to move, but only listen to her magical words, her seductive voice, and that dirty tone that made us all aware she is somewhere in this room, maybe behind us. But wherever she was, we felt something grow. This means that we probably have a reason to keep her longer for further examination, this voice thing that is made out of the air can turn soft things into hard metal which is not easy to do. Interesting.

For further investigation and to shape your own opinion, we have stored her in our Sex Facility Center. You can fly to her room and see how she is acting in captivity. There is the opportunity to feed her. You can buy virtual snacks for her. And when you ask her nicely she is willing to perform human acts for you that trigger your sexual arousal.

-> Link to her room