Banana Peach

I had tokens left to spend. And I was feeling adventurous this time and picked a couple, something I never do. After a few moments of small talk, I noticed they were new on the site, the first day ever! Well, fuck me, and welcome you! Here is a task, kiss like you mean it, and make me warm while watching. I attached 20 tokens for this, it’s like a 2 dollar tip, and I got a somewhat cold kiss, and felt really like “not again” but I had a playful feeling with these 2, they were young, and they seem to be in love, maybe I need a little patience with them and give them time, and some stimulants. And 10 minutes later, I swear you, I had them fucking each other for just a little bag of tokens. I talked to them in a more instructional way and went totally hard on the guy by asking him where the fucking passion was, and BAM, somehow I touched a nerve and he was all the way! I fucking love that, pissing off the guy in a couple of situations to make him fuck his woman with the passion she desires. after the session, I did return, to give them a nice thank-you gift. I did make a difference as they did for me.