Anastasia Anies

I’m the crazy blondie with weird dances who makes fun of everything! Yep, I’m from that land of vampires and sexy chicks named Romania, grew up in the land of pizza and good food, and do not forget the coffee! I so love interacting with people as my job before doing cam model was as a bartender for 8 years, and here I wanna say… tequila and lots of shots! If you’re searching for a girl that does lots of…you know playful porn things, sex machines, etc, I’m sorry to disappoint you, dear…it’s better if you skip my room. But, there’s always a butt (and mine is big hehe) if you make me feel comfortable, who knows? I can be a little playful blonde devil! I don’t wanna bore you with many written things, so let’s just have fun! Ahh and, welcome to the jungle.